Intel - Drone 100

Director: Sergio Abuja

Client: Intel
Production Company: VIMBY
Drone 100: Intel - Ars Electronica
Executive Producer: Adam Reno
Producer: Julia Mücke
DP: Andrés Lizana
Music: Walter Werzowa, Roque Baños
Editor: David Rowe, Pablo Fernandez Eyre
Audio Mix: Alex Menck
Color: Marshall Plante, Ntropic

MTV EMA Ed Sheeran (Director's Cut)

Director: Sergio Abuja

Client: MTV

Production company: 3ROUNDBURST

Executive producer: Edgar Romero

Line producer: Rich Salamone

DP: Boa Simon

Music: Diplo

WALMART. Walmart's Pledge to Veterans: Meet Steve Smith

Director: Sergio Abuja

Client: Walmart
Production Company: VIMBY

Producer: Adam Reno

DP: Tom Banks
Music: Lucas Vidal 

MANIAC Party City

Director: Sergio Abuja

Production Company: TIMBER FILMS

Producer: Josh Fruehling

DP: Meena Singh

Editor: Pablo F Eyre, Sergio Abuja

Production designer: Gemma  Fenol


Director: Sergio Abuja

Client: DIRECTV Latin America
Production Company: THE MOB (UK)
Editor: Pablo Fernández Eyre
Manchester United Players: Sergio Romero (Argentina), Antonio Valencia (Ecuador), Andreas Pereira (Brasil) Marcos Rojo (Argentina)


Client: Nescafé
Agency: Casanova//McCann
Director: Sergio Abuja
Production company: Timber Films
Animation: Josh Shaffner
Post Production: Andrés Jaramillo 


Director: Sergio Abuja

Client: General Mills / Lucky Charms

Exec. Producer: Adam Reno

2nd Unit: Ryan Grams

Production Company: VIMBY

Lucky Charms wants to honor everything that makes each of us special and adds color to our world – just like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal – by encouraging people from all walks of life to express themselves.


Director: Sergio Abuja

Production company: Timber Films 
Writer: Sergio Abuja-John Lopez
Cast: Tamara Arias-Jeff Lorch
Executive Producer: Miguel Ángel Abuja

Editor: Sergio Abuja

Music: Javier Abad


Director: Sergio Abuja

Production company: TIMBER FILMS
Producer: Tamara Arias, Miguel Ángel Abuja
Script: Sergio Abuja
Cast: Ken Takemoto, Emily Kuroda, Gwyn Lawrence, Judd Laurence

Music: Javier Abad